Ermineskin Elementary Jr/Sr High School

Welcome to our Halloween WebQuest

WebQuest for HALLOWEEN -- Mr. Shortt, Computer Teacher

Halloween WebQuest

1. The Halloween Carol "Trick or Treat" is sung to which Christmas Carol?

2. The jack-o-lantern custom probably comes from _________________ folklore?

3. What object is pictured in each card in the "Halloween Party Invitation Cards" section?

4. Name three (3) sounds that can be heard at the following location.

5. There are several pieces of free clipart at this site. Once Halloween Clipart is found, go to "Dividers". What object is in each divider?


6. When selecting a pumpkin for a jack-o-lantern, what type of pumpkin should be used?


7. How far is it from Edmonton, Alberta to Hamilton, Ontario? (This site is used for Question 8 also)

8. What is the first ingredient listed in "Brain Cell Salad"? (HINT: look under Holiday Foods: Halloween)