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Classes 1&2. Games and Songs

Teddy Dresser

Can you dress Teddy in the right clothes?
Play the game

Play Teddy Dresser
Haunted House (level 1 per 3r level 2 per 4t)

A haunted house is a house with ghosts and other scary things. Come and visit a haunted house, and see what you can find there! Download and play the game

Find objects in the Haunted House
Animal Maker

What is this animal? It's got a lion's head, a bird's body and a sheep's legs! Make some strange animals with Animal Maker

Make some strange animals with Animal Maker
Alphabet Antics

Can you help the monkey climb the tree and get the bananas? Or will the snake get him first? Help the monkey while you practise the alphabet with Alphabet Antics

Practise the alphabet with Alphabet Antics
Make your Monster

Choose your monster's body. Make your monster dance and sing - and send your monster to a friend! Make your monster now!

Make your monster
Word Games (jocs diversos per diferents nivells)

Learn new words and practise your English with games about lots of different topics. Play some word games

Practise vocabulary with lots of word games
Choose a song from the list below. You'll need to download Real Audio Player to listen to some of the songs.
Animal House
There's a kangaroo in the kitchen! There's a hippo in the hall! Animals are everywhere in the song Animal House.

Listen to a song - Animal House
Can a Flea Climb a Tree?
Can a flea climb a tree? Can a mouse build a house? Watch a song movie: Can a Flea Climb a Tree?

Watch a song movie - Can a Flea Climb a Tree?
I've Got a Robot
What can this robot do? Listen to I've got a Robot and find out. Why don't you sing along?

Listen to a song - I've Got a Robot
Old MacDonald
Old MacDonald had a farm - and lots of farm animals! What noises do they make? Listen to Old MacDonald

Watch a song movie - Old MacDonald

Red, Yellow and Blue
Listen to Red, Yellow and Blue. Why don't you sing along?

Listen to a song - Red, Yellow and Blue

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