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  Chants and Songs

You're strong

Write this word

Come to the party

Do you know...?

Don't cry

The nest

Good morning


A give for you


Here's the sink

How many apples?


Can jump so high?

I like going to...

I love my family

I'm hungry

In my room there is...

The living room

In the zoo

It's ten to nine

It's a nice day

It's noon

It's time for breakfast

Let's go to the garden

Let's learn some words

Let's play football

Listen to me

A monster story

My family album

May be I'll go

Days of the week

No more

Nod your head

From 1 to 10

The sky and the sea

Old Mc. Donald

One, one


Sorry, we are late

Take a piece of paper

A girl in the park

That's my house

These are apples

Autumn leaves are a-0

Wash and dry

We like fruit

We like Maths

What do you see?

What's in the box?

What's this?

Where are you going?

Where is my shirt?

Playing in the sand

Who is she?

You and me

You are my sunshine

Hokey Pokey

You're late again

Darrera Actualització: 17.12.2011