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Class 5. Games and Songs

Order the words - Banana Milkshake

Can you make a banana milkshake? Put the instructions in the right order? Play the game 5

Find out how to make a banana milkshake
Word Games (jocs diversos per diferents nivells)

Learn new words and practise your English with games about lots of different topics. Play some word games

Practise vocabulary with lots of word games
Choose a song from the list below. You'll need to download Real Audio Player to listen to some of the songs.

What do you do with your computer mouse? Do you play with it? Listen to a song about a computer mouse.

Listen to a song - My Computer Mouse

Listen to a song about dinosaurs.

Listen to a song - Dinosaur 1-10
Some people have cats, some people have rabbits. But have you ever heard of a "cabbit"? Hear about some interesting pets!

Listen to a song - An Interesting Pet

Lemurs live in the forests in Madagascar, an island off the coast of Africa. The forests are disappearing and lemurs are disappearing too. Listen to a song about Lisa the lemur.

Listen to a song - Lisa the Lemur

The Shopping Song
There are a lot of different shops in towns and cities. Listen to the Shopping Song.

Image of a girl shopping

Tooth Family
The Tooth Family are singing a song about looking after your teeth. Listen to the Tooth Family and sing along!

Watch a song movie - Tooth Family

We're Going to Win!
Listen and watch a song about a football match. We're Going to Win!

Watch a song movie - We're Going to Win!

Winter Sports
There's a bear on the mountain - and a kangaroo! What do they like doing? Listen to Standing on the Mountainside.

Listen to a song - Standing on the Mountainside

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