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Class 4. Games and Songs

Sports Mixer

Lottie loves sports. Can you find the clothes and things she needs to play her favourite sports?
Play the game

Play Sports Mixer
Haunted House (level 1 per 3r level2 per 4t)

A haunted house is a house with ghosts and other scary things. Come and visit a haunted house, and see what you can find there! Download and play the game

Find objects in the Haunted House
Word Games (jocs diversos per diferents nivells)

Learn new words and practise your English with games about lots of different topics. Play some word games

Practise vocabulary with lots of word games
Choose a song from the list below. You'll need to download Real Audio Player to listen to some of the songs.
ABCDE - Listen to a song about the alphabet.

Listen to a song - The Alphabet
Do you like circuses? Do you like watching the clowns? Watch a song movie: When the Circus comes to Town

Watch a song movie - When the Circus comes to Town
Song is a monster and he lives on a star. Listen to this Monster Rap.

Listen to a song - Monster Rap
Over the Mountains
Listen to a song about different ways of travelling. The song is called Over the Mountains.

Listen to a song - Over the Mountains
Pizza and Chips
The children are all asleep in bed. They hear something at the window? What is it? Listen to Pizza and Chips

Listen to a song - Pizza and Chips

The Scary Skeleton
You often find skeletons in scary stories! But are they scary? Or are they just like you? Listen to a song about a skeleton.

Watch a song movie - The Scary Skeleton

Time for Another Year
Listen to Time for Another Year and practise the months of the year.

Watch a song movie - Time for Another Year

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